Our toasts

Chauffe précise des barriques par la Tonnellerie Marsannay

The art of mastering fire to obtain more delicacy.

In the same passionate spirit, master coopers and oenologists from Tonnellerie Marsannay have also created unique toasts, adapted to the specific characteristics of the key grape varieties of the region.


Toasted to the core, suitable for red and white wines. It preserves the freshness of the wine.

QUARTZ toast

Based on the alchemy of water, requiring constant attention, this toast is particularly aimed at delicate wines whose fruit needs protecting, to obtain roundness and respect the expression of the minerality of the grape variety.

RUBIS toast

This toast, which penetrates to the heart of the wood, with a slow, deep and long heat, (around twice as long as a traditional toast) works on the tannins of the oak, thus enabling it to accompany the wine throughout a long aging period, revealing the intense and concentrated expression of a wine which can be laid down for a long period.


Closed, this toast reinforces the empyreumatic nuances which are typical of the traditional Burgundy toast.

A palette of classic toasts completes the range of possibilities open to you :

  • Light toast
  • Light plus toast
  • Medium toast
  • Medium plus toast
  • Heavy toast

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