Our craft

L'art de la fabrication de barriques par la Tonnellerie Marsannay

Traditional handcrafted barrels worthy of the largest barrel making companies.

Tonnellerie Marsannay differs from others through its atypical structure and its service which is worthy of the greatest workshops. Its production unit provides top quality service and does everything possible to adapt itself to your requirements:

  1. — Selection and manual sorting of grain
  2. — Heating to bend the staves into shape and skillful, controlled « organoleptic » toasts carried out over a wood fire:
  3. Bending through heat : changes the mechanical properties of the wood, thus shaping the barrel.
  4. Second toast : helps reveal the aromatic compounds of the barrel.
  5. — Tailor made finishing and laser marking
  6. — Care and attention resulting in unique products

It is throughout these numerous stages that the barrels are crafted in our image and to your satisfaction.