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Gamme de barriques bourguignonnes - Tonnellerie Marsannay

A know-how in the service of all wine growers, from Burgundy and elsewhere.

It is thanks to this passion for the Burgundy piece, in line with pure tradition and thanks to the skills and knowledge of our craft that our team is able to offer a full range of barrels which meet with your full satisfaction.

Biodynamic barrel LUNESSENCE

True to its philosophy, Tonnellerie de Marsannay is committed to living up to its values: respect for the raw material, respect for ancestral know-how, respect for the personality of the wines and the demands of the winegrower’s profession.
We set out to create a barrel following the precept of Biodynamics, by working to the cosmic rhythms.

French oak, fine grain selection.


BURGUNDY tradition piece « LE BOIS DU ROY™ »

logo barrique Bois du Roy par la Tonnellerie Marsannay

A real piece of « haute couture », Le Bois du Roy™ is the ideal partner to age the greatest crus. Its refined style, resulting from a specific selection of tight grains, slow air drying (around 36 months) and one of our original toasts* makes it the indispensable centerpiece of your cellars.

*QUARTZ™, RUBIS™ and BASALTE™ toasts


Burgundy Export and Burgundy Tradition.

BORDEAUX barrels

Bordeaux Export 22 mm and Bordeaux Export 27 mm

Barrels of 300 liters and over

300 liters, 500 liters et 600 liters.

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